Sunday, 18 December 2016

5 Ways To Remember a Loved One At Christmas

Christmas for so many people is a time for seeing family, feeling loved and celebrating the past year in style. It's a time when everyone seems in good spirits and the world is lit up and twinkly.
I for one love Christmas and always fact when I was little I often used to make myself physically sick on Christmas morning because I was just THAT excited! I've definitely calmed down from that level nowadays (thank goodness!) but something that I wanted to touch on today was those people who dread this time of year and really struggle.
As you know, since losing my mum my perspective on a lot of things has changed. It's easy when everything is going well in your life to not understand why someone would not look forward to the festivities and hide themselves away. However just as Christmas can be an amazing time for some, it can equally be a very sad and lonely time for others. It can really highlight that you have lost someone and make you yearn for them that little bit more.

I am a big believer in keeping people's spirits alive and instead of being afraid to talk about them, make them a part of your celebrations. I have put together a few ideas that help me and hopefully may help anyone else who is missing someone special this year.

Buy them a card

 Last year, the first Christmas without my mum, whilst shopping all I could see was Mummy and Mum cards. It broke my heart that I wouldn't be able to ever buy one again. I struggled with this feeling for a while and then realised that why couldn't I still buy her one? Why put myself through the upset? I chose the prettiest one and wrote a special message inside, then on Christmas morning I went down to the cemetery and left it there for her with some flowers. She is still my mum so why not do something that makes me feel like she is still included.

Light a Candle

I was brought up a Catholic and even though I'm not practising today, I do get a lot of comfort from being in a church. It feels so peaceful and makes me feel calm. Last year again, I went into my church on Christmas Eve and lit a 3 day candle for my mum with my brother. Knowing that it would be alight over the Christmas period made me happy and I will definitely be doing this again this year.

Donating to a local Hospice

We were very lucky that we managed to keep my mum at home where she wanted to be, rather than having to go into a hospice, however the nurses did come into our home regularly to help look after her in the last few days and keep her comfortable. This is a service that is incredibly important and you don't appreciate it until you have unfortunately had to use it. There are some families that will spend their Christmas day in the hospice with a loved one and will want to try and make it the best day possible. St Catherine's hospice, near me, ask for donations of drink around this time as they offer patients and families a glass of bubbly or something festive on the day to celebrate as best they can. I think this is a lovely touch that would be hugely appreciated, so I will be back again this year too, to donate some bottles to help create good memories for some people in need.

Angel Wing Decorations

The christmas tree is always the main feature of decorations in the house and so I decided that it would be nice to remember my mum whenever I looked at mine. I bought myself some angel wing decorations that hang on the tree and have one right in the centre. This brings me comfort as again it makes me feel as though she is there.

Talk and Share Stories

This one can be incredibly hard, as you can feel as though you don't want to think about what's happened too much in case it upsets you. However I think it's so important and will actually make you feel better. Share your favourite memories with each other and laugh about the silly things that your loved one used to do. Talking keeps them alive within you and helps to reduce the feeling that they are missing. Don't be afraid to let your mind wander there and perhaps raise a glass to them at the table too.

All of these little things helped me a lot last year and I hope that they can help anyone else in this situation too. To end this post, here is a little request from me:

Please don't forget anyone who may be alone this Christmas time or who may still be grieving.
Please appreciate your families and tell them how important they are to you. Don't ever take them for granted. And....please have a wonderful Christmas :)


Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The Making Of Harry Potter

Harry Potter, one super famous young man. I must admit that I have never read the Harry Potter books. I was not a big reader when I was younger so anything that was too thick or had small print put me off instantly! However I was not unaware of the hype that was developing and I definitely made sure that I saw all of the films.
In the midst of the films releases over the 10 years, was when I trained in hair and makeup for TV and film. I started to watch films in a different way and really appreciate all of the work that goes into them to make them seem realistic and the fine details. Especially a series like Harry Potter is an incredible work of art, with amazing makeup, wigs, special effects and prosthetics.
So to have the chance to visit the real sets and see the creatures from the films in person is pretty exciting.
The Warner Brothers Studios is nothing new, it has been open for a few years now, and I did actually go with my mum and brother not long after it opened, but last week I went back.
After re-visiting the films lately and learning that the studios had opened up new attractions such as the Hogwarts Express, I booked in for myself and my boyfriend to go along.
Neither of us are Harry obsessives, but I still thought it would be great day out and it definitely didn't disappoint the second time around.
I wanted to share some pictures on here for anyone who hasn't had the chance to go along or wants to get a peek inside.

As you can see they are extremely generous in what they share and have on show. There is something that will interest everyone and it's fun to learn little secrets and facts along the way with the digital guide. If you love Harry Potter then you really will feel in heaven and for anyone else, it's still very cool to step into a film set!


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Stylist Live: Tanya Burr and Estee Lalonde

Last Friday I got up early and hopped onto the train to London, ready for a day of inspiration. This came in the form of a day at Stylist magazine's fabulous event Stylist Live. This was their second year running the four day festival, and after attending last year and having a great time I definitely made sure that I was headed there this year too.

My first talk of the day was with someone who is very well known in the blogging world...the lovely Tanya Burr. She looked beautiful in a gorgeous long floaty dress and spoke all about her life online and how she feels about her journey and being successful now. It was great to see her in person after watching her videos for so long and inspired me to want to be a #girlboss too.

Next I stopped at the Waterstones stall to get my Bloom book signed by another YouTuber; Estee Lalonde. I can report she was extremely lovely and friendly and took plenty of time chatting with every person. We had a chat about the book, our families and I even got a cheeky picture.

After this I decided that it was time to collect my free glass of bubbly and have some lunch and a wander around all of the stalls. There were some amazing well loved brands, as well as new ones that I have never heard of before, showcasing their products. I managed to re-strain myself from buying everything in sight, however I did pick up some things for my makeup kit from Clarins and Urban Decay, as well as some nail polish from Little Ondine which I'm excited to test out.

In the afternoon I headed up to the VIP area where you could watch the catwalk show with a cocktail in hand...I could definitely think of worse ways to spend a Friday! The space up there was beautifully decorated like a secret garden and was filled with sweet treats to snack on. My personal favourite was Jude's salted caramel ice cream...delicious.

My final talk of the day was with Florence Adepoju who founded the brand MDMFlow. She spoke about how she started her business and how they have developed up until now. She gave lots of advice and helpful tips which was fab. I was definitely taking notes!

I left the venue feeling super inspired, super full from all the treats (may have indulged just a little!) and full of knowledge too from some wonderful women. It's a very well organised event and is jam packed with things to do, so you can definitely spend a full day there. Thanks Stylist and I am already looking forward to next year!


Thursday, 13 October 2016

Purpose....Where To Find It?

Purpose....'an aim or meaning in your life because there is something that you want to achieve.'

This word 'purpose' is something that I have thought a lot about, and especially over the past year.
I'm guessing that I am probably not the only one too.
Life is a strange old thing and there have been numerous times where it has stopped me in my tracks and made me question everything. What is the meaning of it? Why am I here? What is my purpose?

I believe that we would all love our jobs and be much happier in general if we felt as though we were fulfilling a purpose. I know that this is definitely true for myself.
We spend such a huge chunk of our lives working, it's almost quite scary, so surely it's common sense that we are happy whilst doing so.

I have always been a believer in this mantra, but even more so since I lost my mum. I think sometimes when individuals have gone through a life changing event, it really makes you look at your life and re-assess everything. It makes you realise that we aren't invincible and that life is short. You only get one chance at this, so what's to lose? Now I am aware that I am sounding super cheesy here, however it really is true.

Throughout my mum's illness my purpose was to look after her. I luckily was self-employed and only working part time, but this was my choice. Our decisions and plans were all based around her appointments and how she was feeling. This was our life for 2 and a half years. So when she passed I felt completely and utterly lost. My purpose was gone and I did not know what to do with myself.
Being able to make my own decisions was weird and I almost didn't like it. I had grown accustomed to having my life dictated for me and I now I was unable to function.
That's a strange thing to hear from a 26 year old perhaps, but I felt as though I needed to re-think my life and what I wanted.

I adore being a hair and makeup artist and always loved the work, however it suddenly didn't feel enough for me. I needed more on top of this and I needed to do something to help others and make a difference.
Planning my mum's funeral felt like a blur but it did make me ask myself a question....How do I want to be remembered?
I think that this is a powerful question and one that I recommend anyone taking some time to answer. My mum was an incredible teacher and so much so that lots of her students were still in touch with her. I'm talking children who she taught when they were 6 years old and now were in their 30's. She made a big impact on their lives and I was inundated with wonderful messages from them and their families when it happened. This, to me, was amazing. She really found her purpose and her calling and it was never forgotten.

Now this is something that I am working on for myself. I want to enjoy each day, I want to feel like I am making a difference and not just working each day purely to pay the bills.
There is so much in the world to be enjoyed and I refuse to just let it pass me by.
Of course, I won't feel this way everyday and that's ok. But I am on a journey to find my next purpose and fill my life with satisfaction.
For anyone that knows me you will know that I am currently in the process of starting my own business and creating my own beauty brand. This is something that I never thought I would ever do, even the word business used to freak me out. However this now feels right for me and makes me feel comfortable in a strange way. I feel as though I need to use my experience with cancer and losing my mum to do good. I do not want to have been put through everything to just ignore it and forget it. I have knowledge and I want to use it.

Perhaps we can all use our experiences..good or find our purpose?

I will keep you updated along the way.


Monday, 10 October 2016

My Current Haircare Routine

Today's post is all about hair. For a long time now, hair has been a big part of my life, as I style hair for a living. Even before training for my career, when I was little I always had one of those styling heads in my room. You know the ones that are just a girl's head and shoulders? With long hair that you could play with, cut and even put makeup and earrings on. I loved these so much, and could have hours of fun trying out different looks. It's no surprise really that I turned out loving everything beauty related!

So I thought it would be interesting to talk about my current favourite hair products. I'm no stranger to hair colour as you know and at the moment I am having bleach painted on every 8 weeks, so hair care is quite vital for me. This is important for everyone but especially because I want to keep my hair as long as possible also.

I would recommend any of the following products to anyone, but these work particularly well on long, blonde hair as you will see.

Philip Kingsley Pure Silver Shampoo and Conditioner

These are my absolute favourites and I have been using them every single time I wash my hair for about 5 years now. I even have to buy miniatures for when I am travelling for my suitcase, because I can't cope without them. This may sound dramatic but nothing else makes my hair feel so moisturised and soft. They also give it an amazing shine which is normally hard to achieve on blondes. The formula is gentle and leaves it easy to comb through. The light purple colour of the product also helps to keep any brassy tones at bay. Highly highly recommend to any fellow blondies!

Bleach London Silver Shampoo and Schwarzkopf Color Freeze Silver Shampoo

These two are a very pigmented deep purple colour and both assist in toning my hair ever so slightly to more of an ashy/white blonde. They are great for in between colour appointments to take away any yellow tones and I tend to use one of these about once a week.
For a more intense colour boost I even sometimes apply these onto dry hair for 10 minutes, before rinsing and then washing as normal.

Tangle Teezer

A classic, but a great one. I use my tangle teezer whilst still in the shower when I have rinsed my conditioner off. It really helps to comb through any knots without any pain or need to pull too much. I couldn't live without it.

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum

This is a serum that I put into wet hair which actually helps my hair to dry faster when I am blast drying and also adds in some much needed moisture which stops any frizzing. I find that my hair doesn't get as fluffy either when I use this.

Living Proof Prime Style Extender

I have done a separate full blog post on this here, but I am still using it which is a good sign. I put a 50 pence piece size amount through my wet hair after the serum and before drying. I must admit I am quite lucky in that having wavy hair does mean that curls stay in my hair for days when I use a tong, but this definitely improves the longevity of any style. I have especially noticed this when I straighten my hair. It also protects against the weather which for me is a dream!

Wet Brush-Pro

I only discovered this recently and it is honestly so good! It looks like any other paddle brush but it really glides through wet hair so easily with no drag at all. I have been using this to brush through my hair whilst blow drying and it stops any knots from developing and leaves it feeling silky soft too.

Once my hair is dry and styled I don't use any other products generally. I personally don't love the feeling of hairspray or oils and like it to feel 'clean'.
Let me know if you have any miracle hair products that you couldn't live without...I am always interested in finding new things to try!


Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Learning As An Adult

Sometimes I feel as though my brain needs to be used more and challenged. I'm not sure whether anyone else feels this way too? My teenage self would probably never have believe that when I was older I would actually want to learn. I never disliked school, I was a happy child and always did my homework. However like most children I much preferred the weekends and lunchtimes where I could have fun with my friends.
It's a strange thing that as you get older, and no longer have to learn, you are suddenly much more interested in the world around you and gaining skills.
This has certainly happened to me, although I will definitely not be choosing to study anything that involves essay thank you!
Instead I have, just this week, decided to start learning a new skill that is purely for fun..a new hobby. This hobby is tap dancing.

I grew up dancing since the age of 3. I attended weekly ballet lessons until I was around 17 and then completed a dance A Level and performing arts AS Level. I trained at the Pineapple Performing Arts School when I left college and I just loved it.
My mum had been the same, and any chance we got to go to the West End to see a musical, we would be there.

Since training in makeup, my dancing just stopped. I decided that it wasn't to be something I was going to continue into a career, so that was it. No more classes.
Ever since then, whenever I see a show, I get all the feels back. I yearn to perform again and be on a stage, but for some reason I haven't done anything about it.
I guess I felt as though once you are an adult you can't go back to the classroom and if it isn't a career then what is the point?

This, I have just realised is such a bad attitude to have. I have felt as though I am missing a hobby for a long time, and the chance to learn something new. So when one of my best friends mentioned that she too had wanted to learn tap, it seemed like the perfect chance.

Tap was the one style of dance that I have never tried before so I am a complete novice but a very keen one too. Yesterday was our first lesson and I'm happy to report that I loved it. It was hard work (trust me!) but also super exciting, and a great feeling to get my brain activated again.

I guess I just wanted to share that it's never too late to learn something new and start a new hobby. It's important for our mental health too; keeping those clogs turning and also releasing much needed endorphins. It is something that I definitely needed and am really excited to see how I progress.
Falling in love is a wonderful process and it doesn't just have to be with a person. See what new loves you can bring into your life and enrich it. Go and try the thing that you have always wanted to and you never know where it might lead you...


Tuesday, 27 September 2016

A Year On...

You can suddenly feel in the air this week that Autumn is arriving. The weather is much cooler, there are leaves on the ground and I have been reaching for my blanket most evenings. 
This years season change brings around some difficult and distressing memories for me for the first time ever, as Thursday 29th September marks the 1 year anniversary of my beautiful mum's passing.
Yes, I cannot quite believe it but it has almost been a whole year. I'm writing this post to keep myself busy to be totally honest, but also because I find it rather cathartic to pen down my feelings. 

This past week my mind has been unwillingly reliving each day last year in the run up to the 29th. It has been incredibly upsetting and quite frankly annoying. I wish I could stop it but unfortunately I guess it is my mind's way of processing the event again. For anyone who is lucky enough to never have dealt with death this may sound strange, but I still feel as though a lot of the time I am in denial. Of course I have grown used to my mum not being around and I am fully aware that it happened.....heck I think about it every day....but I still can't quite believe it. 
I have had a huge amount of ups and downs this year and still have days where I feel very depressed and lack any motivation whatsoever, however generally I can live my life. I get up, go to a shoot, work from home, laugh, chat, love and smile. I am aware on these days however that I can't allow myself to 'think'. I can't let my thoughts flood in because I have to carry on and get things done.

This is something you become very good at.....compartmentalising your feelings. 

Some days when it is all too much, I allow myself to think and reminisce. Other times, when I'm trying to sleep and have to get up early or have to work, then I tell myself 'not today'. I put those memories to one side in order to cope. This can make me feel guilty too, but I have learnt that it is a healthy way of dealing with grief. It's nice to find out that you are normal at least!

My life will never be the same again, and this makes me incredibly sad. It pains me that she won't know about my life from now on and that I can't chat to her for advice or go shopping together. 
I never pictured my life going this way and I don't want this to be part of my story. I would give anything for it to be different. However I am doing my absolute best to try to move forwards whilst still keeping her with me. 

This has undoubtably been the hardest year of my life and I'm frightened that is has been that long already since I saw my best friend. What helps me is that despite all the heartache there have also been good times and good memories too. Some lovely holidays, days out and also the beginning of my new journey to create my own beauty brand. There will be hard days to come still, I am aware, but also hopefully exciting ones. 

For anyone who may be going through a similar journey I want to say will survive and be able to carry on. Stay strong and allow yourself both the good and bad days. Keep smiling and don't be afraid to ask for help. You are never alone in this xx


Monday, 29 August 2016

Instagram Makeup Vs Real Life

I was really excited a few weeks back to be contacted by my secondary school and was asked if I wanted to come back in to talk to the year 10 students during their activity week. They wanted to know about my own journey since leaving the school and my path to my career as a hair and makeup artist. I of course jumped at the chance...partly because I wanted to be totally nosey and step back in time to see what it looks like inside nowadays (I left 11 years ago).. but also because I thought it was a really great idea for young girls to meet an older version of themselves and learn about a career that they may potentially be interested in pursuing.
I did have an enjoyable afternoon, and even got a sneaky sentimental tour too, however I was mostly left surprised by the view of beauty that these teenage girls had.

I adore Instagram and YouTube and spend far more time than I should, watching and scrolling through some amazing inspirational accounts everyday. However...I do feel that it can be quite damaging to some young women and it really gives a very unrealistic view on the world of beauty and makeup artists. Anyone who has a passion for beauty can become a 'beauty blogger' nowadays, which is fantastic, and a lot of girls have created wonderful channels and look pretty incredible each day in their pictures. My issue is this...the blog and Instagram world has created a makeup style that everyone has adopted and young girls aspire to look like. It consists of a heavy base, super strong contouring and highlighting, very dark sharp eyebrows, thick winged liner and very over-drawn lips coated with a liquid matte lipstick. It mirrors the style of the Kardashian's and aims to make you look like you are walking around with a permanent filter over your face.

Now don't get me wrong-I love a winged liner, it is my signature go-to look and for an evening out I am all about the glamour and a smokey eye. Makeup is definitely fun and something to be played with, however as a professional makeup artist, this Instagram look just doesn't appeal and doesn't sit right with me.

Whilst chatting with the year 10 girls about the life of a makeup artist, I was amazed that none of them had heard of actual artists such as Lisa Eldridge, and only thought about the well-known bloggers, who despite creating a great following, are not actually trained at all.
They believed that my day must entail of re-creating this look every day, as this is how to 'do makeup'.

During my training I was told, and remember very clearly, that you want someone to say 'You look beautiful' not 'Your makeup looks beautiful'. This is something that has always stuck with me and I really believe in. I personally think it's sad that young girls don't hear this enough, and are always presented with images of super contoured and heavily made up girls.
This also isn't what I do everyday as a makeup fact quite the opposite. If you look through the pages of Vogue and look at the fashion stories, or even look at celebrities often on the red carpet, you will see that the beauty of the person shines through. It is often about just creating a perfect, dewy skin...and that's it! Or focusing on brows and lips...maybe just blush. Brows are often left natural and combed to show the hairs, not filled in and drawn to create a harsh block.
I love seeing the beauty in individual faces and complimenting it through colour and texture. Being a makeup artist is all about this, and not just creating one rather 'fake' look for everyone. Everyone is different, one look certainly doesn't suit all...and women don't have to look like this everyday. It just isn't real life.

Recently I have found myself talking more and more about millennials and the affects that growing up in a generation immersed in social media must have, and this is definitely one of the down sides that I notice. I mean using flour to 'bake' your makeup?! Who made people actually do this? Perhaps this is just my opinion but I for sure am happy to have grown up without such a pressure to conform to one 'perfect look'.
Let me know your thoughts on the world of beauty online...


Monday, 18 July 2016

A Weekend of Inspiration is Coming: Stylist Live 2016

So it will be a year in October since I met Lisa Eldridge (fangirl moment) and had my copy of FacePaint signed. As one of my main idols from the makeup world, this was a pretty amazing day as I am sure you can imagine! You can read more about this day here, as well as some more information and pictures from my day at Stylist Live. This was the magazines first live event, which they call A Festival of Inspiration.....and I for sure left feeling inspired last year.

The new website is now up with details on this year's festival and I have been checking out whats on offer incase anyone is interested in going this year...heads up it's looking good!

This year the official hair partner is Dyson and they will be showcasing their new Supersonic hairdryer and giving demonstrations all day over the 4 day event. I have been intrigued to see this in action since it launched and see whether it lives up to the hype, so for me, this was a great partner that they have secured and something I would love to go and watch. Being freelance I am always lugging around a heavy kit, so a lighter, faster alternative that is less damaging would be great...if it works.

Another thing that I was excited to see was the return of the Crosstown Doughnuts to the farmers market section. I spotted these delicious looking treats last year-however after walking past and thinking I would wait until the end to pick some up, to my horror they had sold out! So I will be headed there first thing without a doubt....there flavours look insanely tasty...think Sea Salt Caramel Banana and Chilli Chocolate!

The main source of inspiration however is the talks and workshops and there are over 150 to choose from. They range from beauty, food, business, fashion, crafts and lifestyle and I am very impressed by the line up. I have my eye on the workshops held by where you can be taught by the Partners to craft different things to take home and also talks from Pixiwoo and advice on how to fund your dream business.

If, like me, you love beauty events and the chance to hear your idols talk and be inspired, then check
out the website here:

I personally have struggled with motivation recently, I think we all do, but getting out the house and seeking advice always helps...especially when there is a free cocktail involved too!

Let me know if anyone gets a ticket or decides to go so we can meet up..I am hoping that I can learn some much needed knowledge about starting a business to help me on my current journey.


Tuesday, 14 June 2016

A Chanel Love Story

I have always been quite partial to watching a documentary in my time. I love real life stories and delving deep into subjects and personalities. However, I got out of the habit of tuning in and got sucked into regular TV shows and especially reality shows lately. Now don't get me wrong, I still look forward to Made in Chelsea on a Monday night (much to my boyfriend's dismay!) but I have also been putting my Amazon Prime to good use and finding some documentaries to watch again.
Two nights ago I found Coco Before Chanel. Now, I am aware this is a film, but it documents and tells the story of Coco Chanel prior to creating her hugely famous brand.

Firstly, if you love fashion, beauty, period dramas or romance then I urge you to check this film out if you haven't already. It is a French production so it does have English subtitles, but this wasn't an issue to me and you become accustomed very quickly.
As a fashion lover, I have always loved Chanel and the elegance of the brand. My ultimate measure of success will be when I can afford a Chanel bag; the most classic black bag to me.
I am especially a fan of the Boy bag....but I have never known much about Coco herself, or Gabrielle as she was born.

After watching her story, I now feel such a connection to her and her journey. She had a difficult upbringing and was in a convent orphanage from the age of 12 when her mother died and her father sent her there. I won't spoil the story for anyone who may want to watch, but the part that touched me the most was the ending.
Coco fell in love with a man whose nickname was 'Boy' and she was his mistress for many years, in fact he funded her first venture into the world of fashion making hats. He died tragically in a car accident, and it broke Coco. However she used her passion and let it drive her into creating what we know today. The beauty in this tragedy is that her love story is within the brand and they live on through Chanel today. If you haven't realised already, the Boy bag is named after that very man, Boy Capel, and the name is still used today. He helped to shape the identity of the brand, believing in Coco and a lot of her designs are based around him and their relationship.
Boy had given Coco a camellia flower as a gift once, which began her love affair with this flower. Anyone who is familiar with the brand will know that the camellia makes a regular appearance still to this day. It evens adorns the beautifully packaged boxes when you buy something.

To me, this story proves that something incredible can be born out of tragedy and that love can live on forever. I think this a beautiful message and one that I hope to carry with me and inspire me on my next venture. I have exciting plans in the pipeline, in which I want to share mine and my mum's journey and keep her alive through my own brand. Stay tuned for more details, but in the meantime check out Coco Before Chanel and believe in the power of love and what it can help us create.


Friday, 10 June 2016

My Favourite Feel Good Films

You know those days where all you want to do is sit on the sofa and eat chocolate? Perhaps you are feeling hormonal, or just had a rough day at work...we all have them, especially us girls! 
When I am feeling this way I love to watch a great feel good film and just give in to my emotions. I make a hot chocolate, grab a blanket and cosy up in front of the TV with my dogs around me.
I have compiled my Top 7 (random number I know!) feel good films that I always reach for, in the hope that you may get some inspiration and check out one of these classics too when you are in need:


What is not to love about these 4 women?! They are super funny, empowering and watching them allows me to feel as though I am in their friendship group and living in New York for an hour and a half....which I really wish I was!


This has always been one of my favourite films. It is a complete classic, and no one can feel sad when you are listening to these songs.


I think this is Richard Curtis at his best. A fantastic cast of amazing actors, who you can totally relate to, and you get all the feels from so much love in one film. 


This film never fails to make me laugh out loud, with so many perfectly silly moments. I can really relate with Annie's breakdown and think Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy are hi-larious....'Help me I'm poor' LOL


First things first...I love Kate Hudson, she is beautiful. Secondly, I just love how embarassing and crazy she acts to put Matthew McConaughey off. Lots of laugh out loud moments again.


For anyone who loves fashion or works in the industry, this film is brilliant. Meryl Streep is a genius as we already know, but this is also very inspiring and teaches the importance of hard work but also working for something you believe in and being true to yourself.


When I am feeling a little lost, this film really picks me up and teaches that there is always a new path and time to rediscover yourself. The world is a beautiful place to be explored and it's important to appreciate the little things.

Please let me know what your favourite feel good films are too, so that I can add to my list, and hopefully one of these may cheer you up too one day :)


Wednesday, 25 May 2016

An Amazing Charity...Look Good Feel Better

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, or know me personally, will know how passionately I feel about being charitable. I even wrote a blog post on my thoughts recently which I will link here.
I mentioned at the end that I would talk about some charities that I work with and that is what I would like to do today.

I recently became a volunteer with a wonderful charity called Look Good Feel Better. For those of you who haven't heard of them, they hold workshops throughout the world for women who are currently undergoing cancer treatments. Their mission is to help these women with their confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing through amazing skincare and makeup lessons. During the 2 hour sessions, which are complimentary to attend, they meet new friends who are going through similar treatments, learn tips and techniques in beauty from professional beauty therapists and makeup artists and go home with a wonderful goodie bag of products.
It gives these women who may be struggling with the physical side effects of treatments, such a chemotherapy, the chance to feel pampered and learn how to make themselves look like 'them' again. We all know that when we are happy with our appearance we feel like we can take on the world, and are so much more positive. This is what Look Good Feel Better does for these ladies.
I have experienced first hand that they leave feeling transformed, with a new found strength and confidence to be themselves, which is just wonderful to see.
The charity are always on the look out for new beauticians and makeup artists to sign up to volunteer, as without them the workshops simply cannot run.

As you are aware, I know how living through a cancer diagnosis and treatment with my mum, can affect a person and their family. Any positivity and help is a welcome blessing, and every woman receives the opportunity to attend one these sessions. My mum actually never took up the place, as she was an absolute pro with her skincare and makeup routine already, and also with a makeup artist for a daughter she could ask away at me anytime. However so many ladies jump at the chance and it can be a revolutionary experience for them, as well as a welcome distraction. It gives them the confidence to face the next day, and the next round of treatment, with a smile and not to let it define them.

I was also very excited to see that Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup and Lily Pebbles, are taking place in this years sponsored walk to raise money for LGFB. It will be a lovely event for all the family in Dorking, Surrey, with a beauty goodie bag at the end for everyone who has taken part. It's amazing that they are now Digital Ambassadors for the charity, and being a dedicated viewer and reader of them both myself, I know that they will do a fab job with getting people involved and letting the younger generations know the importance of these great causes. Well done girls!

I will leave a link to the charity website below, but if anyone with any beauty or makeup experience is looking to get involved with any charity work, then I urge you to please get in touch. It is a hugely rewarding experience and the best way to use your skills.

Let me know if you would like any more information and check out all the links below...

Look Good Feel Better
Lily Pebbles
Vivianna Does Makeup


Thursday, 28 April 2016

Tips For Creating Volume in Fine Hair

One of the most common things that I get asked as a hairstylist is how to achieve volume in fine hair. As a race, we are never happy with our appearance, and are always trying to seek out the opposite of what we have. With hair in particular, the curly-haired girls want straight sleek hair, and equally the straight-haired ladies just want voluminous curls!
One thing I love about my job is being able to transform people and create characters in my photoshoots. I think it is wonderful nowadays that we have the technology available to allow us to play around and look completely different one day to the next. That's the exciting part; with the right tools and knowledge almost anything is achievable.....until you next wash it anyway!

Here are my top tips for creating volume if you have fine hair:

Use Products....But Just a Little

There are so many products out there that guarantee to give you volume, however it is so important to not overload the hair. If you coat your hair, in the hope that more equates to more volume, then you are doing it wrong. You will weigh your hair down, so the product will end up having the opposite effect. I would recommend a root lift spray, and also perhaps a little mousse through the mid lengths and ends as well.

Dry Your Hair UpSide Down

This may be an obvious one to some of you, but use gravity to your advantage! You want your hair to dry with your roots standing up, so tipping your head upside down will keep those hairs in the right direction whilst they dry.

Do Not Use a Nozzle

A nozzle attachment on the end of a hairdryer is designed to direct heat intensely into one area. This is perfect if you are blowdrying frizzy hair into a straight look, however if you have fine hair, it will smooth your hair cuticle down too much and take away the texture that you need. Take the nozzle off, so that the heat is distributed more evenly and you won't over-heat any areas.

Velcro Rollers

This old school technique really does work, trust me. The velcro version is better than the heated kind for adding volume, rather than a curl. Once your hair is dry, pop a few into your hair around your hairline and on top of your head, working back to the crown. Hold them in place with a section clip, so that they stay tightly in there, and then give them a little spritz with hairspray.
Then, with your hairdryer, just give the rollers a quick blast of heat again each, and then allow them to cool and set for as long as possible.


To add in extra oomph at the roots, then backcombing is a handy thing to know. Again, this technique has been around for years, but done well, it does work. You can even backcomb the roots slightly before putting your rollers in for added hold.
The trick here is to keep the backcombing disguised as much as possible, and not looking like a birds nest! When you have combed away, then lightly brush over the top of the section of hair, so that this looks smooth.

Pin Curling

If you are wanting to use tongs to create curls or waves in fine hair, then a great tip is to pin curl.
It is the process of cooling down in a shape that allows our hair to set that way. So you don't want to spend hours curling little sections of your hair and then letting them hang down whilst they cool. Once you take a section out of the tong, re-curl it towards the root and then pin it there. Again, you can spray them and re-heat, just like with the rollers, and then leave them pinned up for as long as possible. Before you go out, simply release the pins and then shake your hair upside down, softening the curls. It is always good to create tighter curls, if you are wanting them to last all day.

Scrunch Your Hair Up Overnight

If you have been lucky enough to keep the volume or curls all day, then sleeping on them will be a sure way to flatten them straight away. Tip your head upside down and gather all of your hair at the top of your head and loosely tie it there in a messy bun. This will keep your roots upwards and the curls should last within the bun, as they are twisted and not being dragged down.

I hope these tips can be helpful to some of you. Please let me know if you try any or would like advice on a different topic soon...

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