Sunday, 25 October 2015

How To Make The Most Of Your Bridal Hair and Makeup Trial

A woman's wedding day is something they have always dreamed about and I have had the pleasure of being involved in so many special days. Something which always helps to keep the morning as enjoyable and stress-free as possible, is making sure that you have previously had a hair and makeup trial. This way you can relax and feel confident in the knowledge that you have everything planned and there will be no surprises!

After doing lots of trials for brides, I have written a list of tips to help you get the best out of your appointment, and a few things to think about, which help us makeup artists/hair stylists too.

Collect Pictures Beforehand

Look through magazines and earmark any looks and styles that you love. A lot of brides-to-be make albums on their phone or Pinterest too. This really helps us as a starting point. There is always room for playing from there, but otherwise with no references the trial becomes a guessing game and can take much longer.
Also any photographs of how you usually look day to day are very helpful, as you won't want to look too dramatically different generally. Visuals are key.

Be Realistic

Following on from the last point, it is very easy to see a picture online and fall head over heels with the hair or makeup....this is the one!
However please try to bear in mind your own hair length,thickness and colour, and also your features, skin type and face shape. These all play a huge part in how the styles will look on you.
Also, lots of images have been airbrushed to unrealistic levels.
There will always be a hairstyle and makeup look that will suit you perfectly and make you look and feel incredible...but that may not be the exact one on the photoshopped model.
Don't be disheartened by this, we aren't magicians but we will try our absolute best to give you the best version of you.

Consider your Dress

When choosing a hairstyle it helps to consider your dress. For example, does it have a very intricate back? If so, you probably won't want to cover it up with your hair....perhaps an up-do would show off your dress better.

Consider your Bling

Similarly again, if you have spent money on a stunning piece for your hair, you want it to be seen.
It will also need to be secure and comfortable all day. Maybe you will need the front section of your hair put up, Kate Middleton style, with some secret backcombing for it to grip to.

Time of Year

Are you having a Summer or a Winter wedding? This may affect your makeup choice. Will you want to look sun-kissed to match your tan, or a spray tan even, or will you be a few shades paler.
Also under this point it's worth thinking about how the weather could affect your makeup and hair.
In the summer, if your hair is down and has been curled it is likely to drop faster due to your body heat and humidity.
Foundation as well will most likely go a little shiny. These things cannot be helped, especially if you have oily skin, but keeping some powder in your bag, or a friend's, can rectify this easily.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when arranging your trial and designing your bridal look.
You will find it, just remember to communicate and see your own beauty......and have fun!


Thursday, 22 October 2015

My Everyday Makeup Products

Even though I am a professional makeup artist, I still get up most days and like everyone else I reach for a certain few favourite products time after time. I can be super creative with a new face in front of me and I adore playing around for hours and experimenting. But let's be honest, who has the time to play every morning? I really wish I did!

So I thought I would share with you what these current makeup must-haves are for me:


I have already posted previously about my love for Make Up Forever's HD Foundation, but our relationship is still going strong. As I said before, I haven't experimented a lot with foundations on myself as I often don't enjoy the feeling on my skin. However I haven't felt the need to change as it suits me perfectly. I would still highly recommend it to anyone and use it a lot on my clients.

I have also now added the Make Up Forever Pro Finish powder to my makeup bag too. This one was on my mum's recommendation and it's been great. It is actually advertised as a powder foundation and has the option of being applied wet or dry to create different looks and coverage. I never apply too much of this, but I find having it in my handbag during the day, it's perfect to get rid of any shine like a normal translucent powder, but it also tops up my base at the same time keeping it even. Multi-purpose!

The final product I use on my skin is the Clinique Cheek Pop in the shade Pink Pop. I have always been a 'pink person' in terms of my preference for blush and this is a really soft pretty colour. It gives you a glow without being too false, although the intensity can be built. The texture of the product is also lovely and feels like satin on your skin.


The Naked 3 by Urban Decay is definitely one of my most used palettes. It can create the most subtle wash of natural colour for the day, or a sexy smokey eye for a night out. I know if I have this with me, I'm sorted.

Next to be applied is Benefit's They're Real! Push-up Liner. I am a girl who loves my eyeliner and am very rarely seen without it on. It is also almost always a winged liner, or cat flick, which I chose to wear. This suits my eye shape best I believe and doesn't even need eyeshadow with it to create a statement look. I find Benefit's liner to last absolutely ages in the tube but also all day on my eyes. It is super black in colour too which is great....there's nothing worse than thinking you have bought something black, but it actually looks really feeble and almost grey...yuk!

The final touch is my Mally Instant Impact Mascara. It was my mum again who discovered Mally on QVC one day, and I'm not sure why I love this mascara so much, but I just do. It thickens and lengthens my lashes and is ultra black again. It also never goes clumpy and the wand separates the lashes beautifully. Mally is a total doll too...


So my finishing touch to my whole everyday look is my MAC Lovelorn lipstick. I have shopped around for many a pink lipstick in my time but this always seems to be my favourite and what I end up reaching for. It is super moisturising on my lips, which I adore, and lasts pretty well too. It isn't too much of a barbie pink either, whilst still being fairly light and bright. I must admit a have a few of one is always in my handbag.


Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Stylist Live with Lisa Eldridge

Any London girls out there would definitely have heard of Stylist. It is a free, weekly magazine filled with all sorts of lovely things. From beauty, to travel and stories of inspiring business women, it will have something for everyone. I, for one, always pick up a copy when I spot it by the tube station and really enjoy the read. It also holds a slightly special place in my heart, as one of my first shoots as an assistant hair stylist was for this magazine.

Therefore when I heard that they were holding a big, weekend long event at the Business Design Centre I was pretty much already sold. Two words which made me extra excited were...Lisa Eldridge.
Lisa is one of my favourite makeup artists and I have followed her career from very early days when I was much younger. She was a huge inspiration for me to become a makeup artist myself and I love reading her blog and watching her YouTube channel regularly. 

Lisa was at Stylist Live on Saturday, gracing the main stage with beauty journalist Sali Hughes and it was a pleasure to listen to both women speak. They are so knowledgable and passionate, it really shines through and it was fascinating to hear the story behind Lisa's first book FacePaint. 

I also got the chance to meet Lisa and get my copy of the book signed too which was a pleasure. My poor boyfriend, who I had dragged along to the event with me, had to wait in line with me for over half an hour but it was all worth it. Lisa was just as lovely as I had imagined and looked super glamorous. The highlight of our chat was her telling me that she loved my makeup and asking if I had done my eyeliner myself! Major compliment there!

All in all I had a fun afternoon in Islington at the event. There was a free glass of bubbly as we arrived, which lets be honest, is always a good start! Along with lots of very tasty food options, all of the shopping stalls and talks/classes. I would definitely go again next year.....although my boyfriend is probably hoping I take someone else! Well done Stylist.


Return to the Blogosphere

I have been away for a whole year from my Pennies and Feathers online world. It has been a year filled with ups and downs, however unfortunately, a huge amount more of the latter.
This is something that I will delve into at some point, but at the moment it is all too raw and too soon.

All I know is that I have missed blogging massively and with a new notebook (ok,'s an obsession!) to hand, I am ready to return. Let's start writing.....

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