Thursday, 26 November 2015

Beauty: How To Create The Glossy Lids Look Every Day

Over the past year whilst working and assisting on photo shoots, I have noticed a shift in the beauty world. It has started to become more apparent than ever lately, with lots of top makeup artists starting to tell the consumers about the trend, not just keeping it to themselves in the studios.

This shift has been to use far more cream based products, and far less powder. I have hardly seen artists reaching for the traditional eyeshadow palettes and they don't even seem to lay as many out in their kit at the start of the day.
If you are an avid reader of the likes of Vogue, i-D magazine and InStyle, you may have already noticed glossy lids and greasy, lived in eye makeup for a while. It has also made many an appearance on the catwalk. 

So why are creams in and powders out? I believe it allows much more creativity and it also looks the most like real skin. A textured, glossy or creamy eye photographs beautifully, picking up the light and is three-dimensional. 
We are in an age where we aren't restricted to what we have to look like, there is so much freedom and therefore we should play. Just because a brand markets a product as being for the eyes, cheeks or lips, does not mean that you have to use it solely for this area. 

In my personal opinion, and experience as a makeup artist, having a very matte face and powdery makeup can be ageing too. We are lucky that when we are younger, we have natural oils in our skin keeping it hydrated, and this is a sign of youth. When a woman is pregnant, she gets a 'glow' which is associated with health and beauty. So it does make perfect sense to use products that can mimic these effects.

I understand that not everyone in 'real life' wants to walk around with glossy eyelids everyday! But here are a few ways to incorporate the trend and get more out of your current products:

  • Lipsticks make great cream blushers. Using your finger, dab some of your lipstick across your cheek bones and onto the apples of your cheeks. It gives a lovely light flush of dewy colour.
  • Turn your eyeliner pencils into your eyeshadow. Draw a thick line across your lash line, and then with a fluffy brush, blend the colour up and over your lid. This will give a natural smokey eye, in a more creamy texture.
  • Use your lipstick on your lids too, it gives a pretty sheer colour.
  • Wet your powder eyeshadow down and then apply it as usual. It will intensify the colour and even though it will dry matte again, it will have a different look.
  • Add a lip balm or gloss over your lids, if you are feeling adventurous, to make the shadow shine.
Don't be afraid to play! I even tried a complete makeup look, only using Bobbi Brown Bare Pink Lipstick. Let me know what you think....


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Fashion: Rose Gold Detail Box Bag

Do you think that if I asked Santa for a Chanel Boy bag this year I would get one? I have been really good I promise...pretty please!
This is the dream for me, but until I reach that happy day in my life, I will continue to get excited by just so slightly (or a lot haha) less expensive handbags that I find. I have enough room in my heart for all of you...especially if you are box shaped and have a touch of rose gold. 

Yes, this little beauty was something I found in, yet again, Marks and Spencer. They are just nailing it lately. I was initially drawn to the shape of the bag. I have always loved the box shape and also to have a bag that I can wear cross-body or on a long strap on my shoulder. (This probably comes from the fact that I am often carrying my hair and/or makeup kit around, so need all the free hands possible!)

I have a few of these style bags already but not in black, which is a staple colour I think we all can agree. The mock crocodile skin adds a nice texture which is on trend, as is the rose gold detail. Who doesn't love rose gold at the moment? It is everywhere! I really like the studs down the sides, and the corner protectors. They add a cool tough element, and I think this would look super cute when paired with both a pretty print dress, or jeans and a leather jacket.

Here is the link to this beauty:


Sunday, 22 November 2015

Recent Book Binge

When I was little and my mum used to take my older brother and I to the library, I used to be an embarrassment. I really wanted to get involved and choose books, but instead of choosing I was chewing. Yes, you read that correctly, I used to chew and bite my books. Apparently I enjoyed the taste and there were often corners missing!
My mum had to threaten me that unless I stopped eating them that I could no longer take library books out. It's safe to say that this is, luckily, a habit that I gave up.

As I grew up I never really enjoyed reading however...perhaps this was a mental scaring from my past! But when I reached my twenties this changed and even though I would definitely not call myself an avid reader, I have become much more acquainted with the likes of Waterstones and really like delving in.

In fact I have been on quite the book buying binge lately, so I thought that I would share with you what I have chosen to buy...and I promise all of the corners are still in tact!

As you can see the majority of these books are beauty related as, yes, I am obsessed. 
I have been really loving Lisa Eldridge's Face Paint so far. When I trained initially in hair and makeup for film and television, we researched a lot into the different eras and learnt how to create the iconic styles and trends of those times. So it's very cool to now understand where those trends began and how they created their makeup and products back then.

War Paint is actually a book that Lisa Eldridge recommended on her channel, I am yet to start reading, but very excited by this one too.

Beauty Book by Neil's Yard is something great to tap into every now and then. I have become interested in natural ingredients recently and creating your own products, so hopefully I can play around with this idea soon.

#GirlBoss. I am aware that I am very late to the party on this one, but better late than never right?
Starting up my own business would be a dream one day and I love that recently there has been an emphasis on women entrepreneurs and some great content to inspire us to do it.

According to YES is my latest purchase after seeing the lovely Dawn French on Alan Carr Chatty Man the other week. I have already started reading and am so far really loving it. I can really picture what Dawn describes and can feel myself in New York with the characters. It will be interesting to see what mischief occurs throughout.

If you have found any great reads lately or have any recommendations then please let me know! 


Friday, 20 November 2015

My Pink Hair and Bleach London Rose Review

So I finally took the plunge and turned myself into a mermaid....well not quite, but I did get my hair dyed pink! I have filmed a video on my YouTube channel explaining the process and also I give my first impressions on the Bleach London Rose colour that we used.

The change isn't fully completed yet, as I explain, but I am super excited with the result so far and just am obsessed by being pink. In love :)

Check out my video and let me know what you think! x

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Winter Lips: Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution

The past week I have been trying to step out of my lipstick rut and put my Mac Lovelorn to one side, out of reach. I want to try to be more experimental and as the winter is looming closer, trial some darker shades.

A range which I have really fallen for is Charlotte Tilbury's Matte Revolution. I am already a big fan of top makeup artist Charlotte's products, having been using them for a while on my clients. They photograph beautifully and sit on the skin so well. I have seen a lot of models with makeup bags full of the rose gold packaging too, which FYI is stunning!
The vintage, art deco style cases are really pretty and instantly make the brand look high end. To go along with this the prices are also high, I am aware, at £23 a lipstick, but I do think they are worth it if you are a makeup lover.

I personally usually don't love a matte lipstick as I find them very drying on my lips, and during the winter months I do suffer with chapped lips anyway, so this would be a disaster. However I am so impressed with this formulation. It is super hydrating and also pretty long lasting, which it claims to be. The pigment is also strong so a little goes a long way and it glides onto the lips really easily.
The bullets have a square, angled tip which I have found helps with the application and precision. Let's be honest, we don't always use a brush and certainly aren't all organised enough to carry one around, so this is very useful!
Finally, I just love the shades that they come in. Charlotte has designed 10 colours in the matte, and they are all so flattering with everyone's skin tones. I mentioned in my recent October favourites video the 'Glastonberry' colour which I have been loving. Being so pale I have previously struggled to find a berry shade that suits me, but now I have.
Today I have been wearing 'Bond Girl' which I would never normally buy after swatching, as it is more brown/plum toned, however I had it in my kit and went for it. I must say....I'm a big fan!

Bond Girl 
If you are happy to spend a little more on your products, then I would highly recommend Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution. 

Glastonberry, Bond Girl, Red Carpet Red


Friday, 13 November 2015

Hair Tutorial: Victoria's Secret Angels Inspired Waves

This is my first attempt at a YouTube hair please go easy on me ;)
I created soft, sexy, natural waves inspired by the beautiful Victoria's Secrets Angels. It is super easy to achieve and looks great for the daytime or a night out.
There hopefully will be more videos to come soon. If you have any suggestions on what you would like me to film then let me know in the comments, would be appreciated :)

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Oniro by the Sea, Cyprus

This September I was lucky enough to visit Paphos in Cyprus, for a gorgeous end of summer holiday.
What made the trip even luckier was that my boyfriend's mum lives out there, so we got to hear about all the best places to go, away from the tourists. Now I love visiting all the top sites, don't get me wrong, but there is something quite attractive about ordering your food from a menu which isn't covered in pictures of your upcoming food! 

I stayed in Cyprus when I was about 12 on a family holiday, but this was a completely different experience for me this time around. I think as you get older you appreciate little things more, like a fantastic meal and a beautiful setting. Before I left for the airport, my mum told me that Cypriot food was her ultimate favourite, so I was excited to try it out.
One place in particular which stood out to me was a little hidden gem called 'Oniro by the Sea'.

Honestly, this place is beautiful. It is a small, family run restaurant, in a quiet location overlooking the sea and a shipwreck. The building itself looks like a cute little blue beach hut, and you sit on tables which have been placed on decking with a view of the sea.
Whilst we were in Cyprus we visited twice, once for lunch and another for dinner.

The food is simple, but oh so tasty and flavoursome! We had salads for lunch and the dinner was a beast of a meat sharing platter. One thing that I just adored also was my drink.....a mint and apple cooler which was so fresh and thirst quenching on a hot day. 

I would highly recommend stopping by if you are visiting Cyprus any time. One inside tip...if you are going for dinner, arrive about 6pm. It might sound early but it gets very busy because it has the most beautiful view of the sunset each night. Perfect!

Here are a few more of my pictures from Cyprus this year. I am now craving the sun again, so apologies if it gives you the holiday blues too. On the plus side it's almost Christmas right?! ;)

We made this Halloumi salad ourselves in our apartment
The view from our balcony
This isn't the clearest image, but I loved this Missguided dress <3


Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Marks and Spencer Limited Edition

When I was younger I never thought that these words would leave my lips. But here I am, writing a blog post on my love for Marks and Spencer. Yes, it's really happening.
Growing up, it was a tradition for my mum and I to go into town on a Saturday afternoon and I would always dread reaching Marks as there was nothing in there for me.
It has always been the go-to place for quality underwear, I admit, but the clothes never excited me and were aimed, I believe, to more middle aged women. Even the beauty section wasn't appealing to me.

However over the last year I have been increasingly impressed by the variety and new ranges onto the shop floor. It seemed like the credibility of Marks and Spencer within the younger generation increased a lot when the beautiful Rosie Huntington-Whitely became an associated face and started her own underwear range. This was a great move and got us in the shops more regularly.

Then came last years A/W collection, inspired by the 1960's. I am a big fan of the 60's style which is probably obvious from my winged eyeliner! I thought that there images were really fun and cute, portraying a younger image. It definitely appealed to me and I bought a coat from the range, which I am still loving this year.

When I popped into the food department this week and walked out with not only food, but also 3 items from the limited edition range, I knew that things have changed for good.
Either I am getting much older (scary thought), or Marks and Spencer are collaborating with some great designers.....unfortunately for me the first option is true, but the latter is also.

Here are the Limited Edition items which I picked up without second thought because I loved them all at first sight:

I'm excited to style this items up for winter, and especially think as the coat is a soft off-pink tone, it will look great with my new hair to come soon...exciting! Keep up the good work Marks and Sparks.


Thursday, 5 November 2015

Remember Remember the Fifth of November

Today is November 5th, which in England equates to Guy Fawkes Night; or Bonfire night as we mostly call it nowadays. For many people the tradition, and meaning behind it, is not of importance. Our little Island loves any excuse for a celebration and a drink let's admit it.

I personally have lots of lovely memories of going to the local firework displays with my friends. It would be a calendar event, pencilled in for weeks, where we would pre-plan our outfits.... because you never knew who would be there. (I'll add in here that we did go to an all girl's school from 11-16, so a sighting of a boy was pretty exciting back then!) If memory serves me correctly we used to have our planning discussions mainly during textiles lessons where we could get away with it. 

Despite it always being muddy and freezing on the evening, and always having to change last minute from my new boots to a boring pair of wellies (ruining my planned look), we used to have a lot of fun with our sparklers and seeing if we could bag ourselves a sneaky drink too.

This evening however I am curled up on the sofa with a glass of wine and a bag of minstrels, watching Don't Tell the Bride. I have 3 little dogs who tend to be a little frightened of the fireworks, so picture me with the occasional dog climbing up my arm too or sitting on my head!
I won't be missing out on the action entirely though, I have tickets to a big display this Saturday which I'm very much looking forward to. With the promise of there being funfair rides at the event, all I can think about at the moment is candyfloss, I hope they will have some!

Enjoy the fireworks everyone :)


Tuesday, 3 November 2015

To Pink...Or Not To Pink?

I am no stranger to hair dye, I have been regularly colouring my hair since I was 16, so 10 years now..that makes me feel old! It's been a while now though since I have asked for anything other than my usual blonde shade and I can confirm that I am once again bored. I have turned to my trusty friend Instagram and have not been able to stop searching for pretty hair inspiration. I am addicted.

I have always loved reading Victoria from InTheFrow's blog, and watching her colourful hair choices evolve, so I was extra excited to see Louise aka Sprinkle of Glitter sporting a full on pink look too this last month. My lust started and I want in the gang.

As I told you previously in my Bleach London post I have always had this weakness for fairytale, candy floss hair but I have never totally fulfilled my ideal shade and had it for any length of time.
So my question is shall I brave it and go for pink locks? I must admit I am very tempted and since I am needing a haircut anyway and a colour refresh, maybe, just maybe I shall suggest it to my hairdresser.

I have felt like I need something new in my life lately and a Coco Chanel did say 'A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life'...perhaps this could work for colour too?

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