Saturday, 15 March 2014

Bumble and Bumble Cityswept Finish

This week I had the pleasure of trying out one of Bumble and Bumble's new products. In general I have a lot of love for this range and have used their styling products many times backstage at fashion shows and on shoots. So I must admit I was pretty excited when the Cityswept Finish arrived.
My initial thoughts were how much I liked the matte navy blue bottle with the silver lettering. It looks very current and on trend and would sit very nicely on display in my room.
I am pleased to say that my impressions continued to be good and I wasn't disappointed.
After a few sprays throughout, lifting my hair as they advice to for my length, I was left with a super tousled mane with lots of body and a sexy lived- in look. It also adds some shine to the hair unlike most texturising sprays which was a bonus as it is hard being blonde to get away from the matte and dry look.
I had a wave in my hair that day anyway but it really helped to re-work the style and give it that un-done look which I like. Even by the evening, before after work drinks, I just shook my hair upside down, scrunched the ends and massaged the roots and there was no need for any more product.

The only negative for me was the next day I seemed to be able to really feel the build-up of the spray and my hair looked a little lack lustre. Although I do love to wash it at least every other day anyway and even though I enjoy rocking the casual, lived in style I don't actually want it to be lived in at maybe thats why! Hard to please I know ;)


Monday, 10 March 2014

Deliciously Ella - My New Obsession

Like most of us girls I do have the tendency to be a bit of a yo-yo dieter. Never to the extremes, but I go through phases of being totally motivated to be healthy and get fit and then one piece of chocolate cake at a time I slowly remember how much I love the forbidden tastes and slip back into bad's easily done!
However, without fail I then feel majorly disappointed in myself for ruining my hard work.
Recently though I have realised that as much as I enjoy to fit into my 'skinny' jeans and love the 'have you lost weight?' comments, whenever I have been on a health kick I really do notice the difference in my skin, hair, energy levels and mental wellbeing too.
It's amazing how different you can feel and I was reminded of this by discovering the Deliciously Ella blog and now app!
Her story is incredible and it does make a lot of sense how natural, un-processed foods can be so good for you and easy to digest. Plus her recipes all look so blooming yummy!
I have the past week stocked up and filled my kitchen with all of Ella's essentials.
Here are some of my creations:

Gluten free pasta with a tomato, basil and green pepper topping

Roasted butternut squash with dried cranberries and quinoa

Baked Banana, Blueberry and Raisin amazing!

Sweet potato, tenderstem broccoli with chilli flakes and Ella's red pepper and paprika hummus

I have also been regularly making Ella's raw brownies which I am now totally addicted fact I have a batch setting in the freezer right now...exciting times!


Saturday, 8 March 2014

Pretty Spring Mermaid Nails

I think my fascination with mermaids stemmed from my primary school days where I was given the part as a mermaid in our play as I had extremely long wavy hair! Next came the dolls and the film Splash and I still love the idea of them today.
As you may already be able to tell I enjoy playing around with my nail colours and recently I'm loving combining different ones.
My newest look I am naming The Mermaid. I started off by painting my nails in two coats of Sheraton Street by Nails Inc. and then used a layer of Hornton Street over the top.
The result is a stunning iridescent green/blue which I reckon looks like the scales on a mermaids tail.
Shades of pink, purple, blue and pearly white shine through in different lights...super pretty!
I shall be wearing it today in this lovely Spring weather we are finally having :)
Hope you like it <3


Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Overtones and Beyonce

This past weekend was filled with very late nights but some amazing live music.
It began on Saturday night at the Brighton Dome to see The Overtones.
I must admit the main reason I had this ticket was because my auntie is such a huge fan and she was keen for me to join her. She has actually reverted back to a teenage state over them and in her own words they make her go 'all unnecessary'....especially Mike!
However, I can safely say now that I am a convert. Their vocals were amazing live and their old school performance and perfectly synchronised dance moves were a real pleasure to watch. They reminded me of a modern day version of the Jersey Boys.
Good old fashioned entertainment I say!
The set list was full of fun classics and everybody was on their feet dancing the whole time.

Sunday night was a totally spontaneous one. Having arrived at work at 11am I then promptly received a call from a friend who had gotten word of 2 Beyonce tickets for sale that evening.
Cue non stop smiling and dancing for the rest of the day, driving all my colleagues mad...sorry girls!
My friend had actually already been on Friday but loved it so much was taking me again.
Queen B is truly is a goddess and I now have even more of a girl crush on her.
Her dancing is insanely good and her voice gives you tingles.
Pretty awesome weekend all round :)

Pre-show Mai Tai cocktail

Tonged hair and a Topshop dress and necklace for the night

P.S. Please can I have Beyonce's figure...Jay Z is a lucky man!
P.P.S The fact that Tuesday was pancake day probably didn't help much towards this wish...

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Lola Rose Oscy Bracelet

My mum actually discovered this gorgeous brand from watching QVC and since we have both been hooked.
I am a big fan of chunky, statement jewellery and Lola Rose seem to create this to perfection and using the finest semi-precious stones too which look and feel so beautiful on the skin.
Just before Christmas I spotted this 'Oscy' bracelet and was totally drawn to the pastel shades of the stones. I adore the combination of mint, lilac, pink and grey together.
I can honestly say that since it arrived through my letter box I have practically not taken it off and feel that it definitely deserves a mention on here now!
It seems to compliment every outfit that I wear and looks perfect in the day or with a dress on a night out. The quality is also great so well worth the money in my opinion.
It shall be proudly worn on my wrist this evening to the 02 Arena to see Beyonce....yes you did read that correctly, the goddess herself.....cannot wait!! :)

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