Sunday, 1 December 2013

It's Advent....Christmas is on it's way

Last years tree

The little robin red breast, a tiny bird with a huge responsibility.
In the lead up to Christmas you may see him gracing your garden looking for seeds but the real reason he is there is a secret that I have known for years.
Father Christmas understandably gets incredibly busy running his workshop, making all of the toys and managing the elves and he cannot be seen flying his sleigh before Christmas Eve. However it is important for him to keep up to date with his naughty or nice list.
This is where the robin comes in....inconspicuous and nimble, he, thought Santa, would be the perfect accomplice to report back.
As well as collecting all of the children's lists, he is subtly watching how they are behaving to see if any adjustments need to be made in the famous book.

This is the story that I was told and believed when I was little...and a wonderful, magical one at that I think. It sprung to mind this week as I was walking to work. Wrapped up warm, listening to my music as usual I suddenly was drawn to one particular Victorian house.
On the window ledge sat a beautiful little robin, holding a small twig in his beak and he was looking right at me. Right on cue....checking in on me :)

I'm sure that each family has its own traditions and stories, but thought I would share one of my memories with you as today is the beginning of Advent. As I've got older I am realising that it's these little things that make it special.
The imagination is pretty amazing don't you think!

P.S. From today you are officially allowed to eat chocolate every day for a whole month....there is surely no better reason to be excited! 

Slightly irrelevant but here's a cute picture of my dog in a little Christmas jumper...I got excited!



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