Monday, 18 January 2016

Volupte 1940's Makeup Compact

I have always been a makeup fanatic since a young age. I think the fact that my mum was the same and always had a full face everyday probably influenced me there and started my fascination.

In a previous post I wrote about the very exciting day that I met my makeup idol Lisa Eldridge last year and got my copy of her book FacePaint signed. I mention this because if you don't already know, which I'm sure most of you do, her book is about the story and history behind makeup.
I have followed Lisa's career and videos for years now and one video in particular that I loved was her collection of vintage products. 

Since then I have loved the idea too of sourcing and collecting old compacts and products. 
I just adore the idea that the item has a past. I love to imagine who it belonged to and where it was taken. What did it's owner look like and wear? There are so many things to dream about and I think it's almost quite magical. To some, this may seem crazy, but I'm sure a few of you can relate.

My boyfriend knew of my lust for vintage makeup, so to my surprise on Christmas morning I opened up this first piece to my collection. 

This is a Volupte compact from the 1940's and it arrived to me from America. It is in beautiful condition, even with the original packaging. Inside there is a mirror which you can pull down and it reveals a compartment where I believe you could keep cigarettes. Then are the three makeup sections, one for blush, one for lipstick and one for powder. As you can see from the photographs there is still quite a lot of the original super pink blush and red lipstick in there. This is really exciting as you can see the actual shades that were in fashion! The powder has been used, but there is the original powder puff/applicator with the Volupte logo on, which is super cute.

It is a very weighty and well made compact. I think it would be amazing if this type of thing was still made today...a gorgeous and very useful way to touch up our makeup on the go.
I will really treasure this item and hope to keep adding to my collection now and learning more about the history behind the brands and products.

Let me know if any of you have any vintage pieces too! 


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