Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The Making Of Harry Potter

Harry Potter, one super famous young man. I must admit that I have never read the Harry Potter books. I was not a big reader when I was younger so anything that was too thick or had small print put me off instantly! However I was not unaware of the hype that was developing and I definitely made sure that I saw all of the films.
In the midst of the films releases over the 10 years, was when I trained in hair and makeup for TV and film. I started to watch films in a different way and really appreciate all of the work that goes into them to make them seem realistic and the fine details. Especially a series like Harry Potter is an incredible work of art, with amazing makeup, wigs, special effects and prosthetics.
So to have the chance to visit the real sets and see the creatures from the films in person is pretty exciting.
The Warner Brothers Studios is nothing new, it has been open for a few years now, and I did actually go with my mum and brother not long after it opened, but last week I went back.
After re-visiting the films lately and learning that the studios had opened up new attractions such as the Hogwarts Express, I booked in for myself and my boyfriend to go along.
Neither of us are Harry obsessives, but I still thought it would be great day out and it definitely didn't disappoint the second time around.
I wanted to share some pictures on here for anyone who hasn't had the chance to go along or wants to get a peek inside.

As you can see they are extremely generous in what they share and have on show. There is something that will interest everyone and it's fun to learn little secrets and facts along the way with the digital guide. If you love Harry Potter then you really will feel in heaven and for anyone else, it's still very cool to step into a film set!

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