Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Bleach London Bruised Violet Love

Since working in the makeup and hair industry, I have been very lucky to have had my hair coloured by some of London's top colourists.
For years I was too scared to try something different, other than my usual blonde highlights, but as I watched first hand the beautiful work they could do without causing damage and the fun options available, I grew intrigued. It's hard not to when you see all the new colours arriving!

Then came the dip-dye trend. I have been a fan of dip-dye in fashion and on my clothes and bags for years now. As I have mentioned in previous posts I think I am always trying to channel my inner hippy...so this trend is one I adore! Cue endless hours scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest drooling over these beautiful pastel tips.

One day I decided to take the plunge, being promised that it would wash out and not to panic!
I opted for pink to start with, a super pale baby pink, which I fell instantly in love with and was actually so upset when it did wash out almost completely after just one wash. So my addiction began.
A brighter pink, peach and purple followed and then one New Year I had become so brave that I went all over pink.
Now...the brief for my colourist was Amelia Lily, who was on the X Factor at the time, however I left the salon resembling more of Katy Perry with a very bright shade!

This colour was a lot of fun and certainly turned a lot of heads but as reality kicked back in and I headed back to work, it just did not want to fade. Many bottles of washing up liquid, vitamin C tablets and abrasive shampoo later, I gained a slight phobia of colour again. My hair was left feeling very dry after my vigorous washing and I felt a break was definitely needed to restore the condition.

My hair after a LOT of washing...still a slight peach tone to it

Fast forward two years and recently I have found myself eyeing up those same pictures on Instagram, dreaming of having candy floss hair again.
So a few weeks ago I made a trip to Boots and bought everything I needed before I changed my mind!

I have worked on a few shoots where the models have used the Bleach London colours in their hair and have really liked the results I have seen in pictures on lots of blogs too. So I picked up one of their new shades called 'Bruised Violet' (as well as the wash out liquid...just in case!)

I am so impressed with how easy it was to use. Just a quick shampoo and towel dry and the cream is ready to apply. There is no need to add any conditioner or mix anything together. This was the first time that I had coloured my hair at home, so I was still a little nervous but I am so excited and pleased that I did.
The colour worked perfectly on my already blonde hair. I didn't re-lighten or bleach the ends first by the way, years of lightening meant that they were already blonde enough and I didn't want to weaken my hair further.  It took slightly differently in some areas, varying from a vibrant pink/purple to a more blue/lavender tone. But I can safely say my addiction is back and I want to have purple tips forever!

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