Saturday, 24 May 2014

Revitalash and Chemotherapy

Revitalash. This really is a magical product. My mum has been a huge fan for about a year and a half now. She uses it religiously every night, and the difference in her lashes was A-mazing.
We have both been blessed with pretty decent length eyelashes naturally, and being an eye makeup girl, I am very thankful for this. However, after using this conditioner, she literally looked as if she was wearing permanent lash extensions, and long ones at that! They were curlier than before (bonus!) and the tips touched the top of her eyelid. Everywhere we went other women would ask where she had had them applied, only to be shocked to find out that they were real.

Dr Brinkenhoff designed Revitalash for his wife who had lost most of her hair, through a very toxic chemotherapy regime, following breast cancer.
As you may have read in a previous post of mine, my mum is currently having chemotherapy treatment as well. In fact she had her last session yesterday....very exciting :)
Throughout her treatment she has continued with her regular beauty routine and applied the conditioner every night, and we truly believe that it has helped save some of her eyelashes.

As you can imagine the ruthless chemo cells are hard to beat, which is a good thing as they need to do their job! But, as they kill all fast dividing cells in the body, not only the naughty ones, the hair does lose out. Therefore, unfortunately, most of my mum's lovely long lashes have now fallen out....but this only happened very recently in the past few weeks. So since February, when she started her treatment, they have held on which we didn't expect. Everyone is different, although it is very common to lose all of them or for them to look extremely patchy. Today she still has a full covering of short eyelashes, which doesn't look the same to her, but at least mascara can still be worn and there are no gaps! In an emotionally and physically difficult time like this, the small things that help to give you confidence and feel like yourself are so important.

My mums eyelashes today after 6 sessions of chemotherapy

We have been super impressed with Revitalash for a long time but I think that these last few months have proved what a great product it is. It really does do what it claims. Despite the reasonably high price tag at around £60, I would recommend this to anyone.

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